Al-Folk Strategy


To become a leading global model in social work that offers humanity a unique experience in serving individuals with special needs, specifically those with Down syndrome who require specialized approaches in interaction, rehabilitation, and integration in the surrounding environment.


To provide comprehensive services for individuals with special needs, specifically those with Down syndrome, to help them live a better life, and support them in developing their potential and utilizing it in achieving their goals and the society’s, and discovering and developing their talents.


  • Reach ideal levels of integration for individuals with special needs in society, and supporting them to live a better quality of life

  • Maximize the group’s efforts to adapt their potential to achieve goals in a way that benefits the person and society as a whole

  • Support the political leadership’s goals for social justice by enhancing individuals with special needs’ ability to live better, and supporting them in achieving their goals

  • Support families of individuals with special needs to ideally interact with them, embrace them, and support them

  • Support and assist the environment surrounding the project to grow and develop, and improve living standards for its residents by providing productive job opportunities, and by improving the infrastructure


  • Justice: our project is based integrally on the principle of ‘justice’ as its services are available to all members of society without discrimination based on religion, location, or gender
  • Love: our motto in offering our services is love and communication based on honesty and full cooperation
  • Honesty: we interact with all the groups that benefit from our services with full honesty; we keep all information confidential without any desire of making a profit of any sort
  • Transparency: we deal with all concerned parties in absolute transparency, whether with the beneficiaries, the donors, or project employees

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