About Al-Folk

Al-Folk project is one of the pioneering community projects in Egypt and the Middle East based on advanced scientific studies to serve individuals with special needs, especially those who are suffering from Down Syndrome and have a difficult time adapting to the surrounding society. This is due to the absence of a leading body for their comprehensive integration and rehabilitation according to scientific standards based on research and application methods.

The leaders of this idea chose the Gharbia Governorate to be the center of launching the first location of the project, specifically in the Hessat Akwah village, Kafr El-Zayat municipality.

The project is established on a total area of 6332 sq m (~68000 sq ft), and includes two buildings; the first has an area of 1473 sq m (~15800 sq ft), and the second 1050 sq m (~11000 sq ft), in addition to green areas, greenhouses, and open-air playgrounds for the beneficiaries of the project.


The project provides free comprehensive services to five main group types:

  • 150 young men and women 18 years or older (residents)
  • 150 boys and girls aged
  • 4-18 years who frequent the project daily for developing their sensory, motor, mental, educational, and professional skills
  • Families of children to train them in developing their abilities to deal with their children who have Down Syndrome
  • Individuals who wish to train in such a field to serve in similar projects in other places—establishing an institution for training them
  • Locals who wish to benefit from job opportunities in the project
  • Locals who will benefit from medical services provided by the project

The project us run by a complete team that includes experts in various fields of specialization. They are trained to the highest standards found in similar international projects, specifically in Italy, which is a world leader in this field.

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