Design of Al-Folk

Design of Al-Folk Building

Design of the first building of Al-Folk

Design of the second building of l-Folk (Residential attachment)

As soon as entering the building’s ground floor from the main gate, a luminous engraved wall painting is seen. The painting consists of a group of different animals referring to their counterparts that were in the ark with our father Noah, in addition to pictures representing the stages of the construction of Noah’s ark.

The main entrance

Then we find the reception office to deal with the residents and frequent regulars of the building, their families, as well as the visitors.

On this floor there are many rooms for practicing hobbies and crafts and various activities such as (music – arts – carpentry – Cardboard – knitting – wax … and others).



It is a hall equipped with advanced sports equipment to assist in the rehabilitation and training of residents and frequent regulars of the building.

Medical Clinics

They are equipped with the latest medical devices and tools in this specialization. In addition, it is taken into account that there is a glass wall in the clinics that allows the family to see their son while receiving treatment and rehabilitation without him seeing them so as not to get distracted when seeing them.

The Dining Table

It is equipped to suit the special conditions of the building’s residents, and a private kitchen is attached to it through which meals are prepared for those dealing with the building. In addition, this dining hall has spaces for wheelchairs and is divided into several separate places that allow privacy in the event of the presence of families with their sons.

The Library

Classroom Design

Knitting Room Design

Music Room Design

Art Room Design

Carpentry Room Design

Cardboard crafts Room Design

-They are similar residential floors; the single floor is divided into four apartments.

-It is noted that apartments are referred to with colors. Each apartment has a special color that helps its residents go easily to their places of residence.

-Each apartment includes 4 rooms, and every room is inhabited by two persons.

-There is also a reception hall for the inhabitants of each apartment, and on the door of the apartment there are symbols for each resident. Such symbols are chosen by the residents themselves; symbols could be saints, vehicles, birds, or others. An image of each resident will be fixed on their symbol. And these symbols becomes their guide throughout their stay.

-Inside the room, we see the color that the resident of the building chose, which is the color that dominates everything in his room, it is the color of (bed sheets- wardrobe – towels – chairs).


We also see the bathrooms inside the rooms equipped for use according to the special conditions of the building’s residents.

Living Room Design

Corridors Design

-It contains a theater that the meetings and seminars organized for residents and regulars of the building are held in. The theater is equipped in a certain way and includes places allocated for wheelchairs.

-This floor also contains multi-purpose halls for various activities, and it also contains public bathrooms.

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