Tesla Cybertruck Takes Second Place to Ford F-150 Lightning, New Monthly Registration Data Shows

In a competitive landscape for electric trucks, the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck has secured second place behind the Ford F-150 Lightning in monthly registration data. According to S&P Global Mobility, the F-150 Lightning led the pack with 2,893 registrations in March 2024, nearly tripling its figures from the previous year. The Cybertruck followed with 1,158 registrations, outperforming the Rivian R1T, which recorded 548 registrations.

Key Factors

Ford F-150 Lightning:

  • Registrations: 2,893 in March 2024
  • Reasons for Success: Competitive pricing starting at around $57,090, widespread popularity, and familiarity in the pickup market.

Tesla Cybertruck:

  • Registrations: 1,158 in March 2024
  • Appeal: Unique design and novelty factor, starting at just shy of six figures.

Rivian R1T:

  • Registrations: 548 in March 2024
  • Challenges: Despite price cuts, it struggles to compete with the more established Ford and the unique appeal of the Tesla Cybertruck.


The Ford F-150 Lightning’s strong performance highlights its appeal in affordability and established brand presence, while the Tesla Cybertruck’s distinctive design continues to attract significant interest. The evolving market dynamics indicate robust competition among electric trucks, with both models poised to influence future trends.

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