Rs 10 Lakh To Solve NEET Paper: Teacher Asked Aspirants To Leave Questions Unanswered If Unsure At Gujarat Centre

In a startling revelation, it has come to light that a teacher allegedly demanded Rs 10 lakh from NEET aspirants to solve their examination paper. This incident occurred at a NEET examination center in Gujarat. The teacher also advised students to leave questions unanswered if they were unsure, raising serious concerns about the integrity of the examination process.

The Incident Unfolded

On the day of the NEET examination, several aspirants reported unusual instructions given by a teacher at their exam center in Gujarat. According to these reports, the teacher not only suggested unethical means to solve the paper but also demanded a substantial amount of money—Rs 10 lakh—from the students for assistance in solving the NEET paper.

Allegations and Investigations

Demand for Rs 10 Lakh

The demand for Rs 10 lakh from students has shocked the education community. This exorbitant amount was allegedly asked as a bribe to ensure that the students received help in solving their NEET paper. Such actions, if proven true, represent a severe breach of trust and highlight systemic issues within the examination process.

Instructions to Leave Questions Unanswered

In addition to the financial demand, the teacher reportedly instructed students to leave questions unanswered if they were unsure of the correct answers. This unconventional advice contrasts sharply with the common strategy of attempting all questions to maximize scores, suggesting ulterior motives behind such guidance.

Reactions from Students and Parents

Students and parents have expressed outrage and disappointment over the incident. Many believe that such unethical practices undermine the hard work and dedication of genuine aspirants. Parents have called for stringent actions against the culprits to prevent future occurrences.

Authorities Respond

Immediate Action

In response to the allegations, the examination authorities have initiated a thorough investigation. Officials have assured that strict actions will be taken against anyone found guilty of misconduct. The integrity of the NEET examination is paramount, and steps will be taken to ensure such incidents do not recur.

Ensuring Examination Integrity

The NEET examination board is implementing additional measures to enhance the security and fairness of the examination process. This includes increased surveillance, stricter monitoring of examination centers, and severe penalties for any form of malpractice.

Implications for NEET Aspirants

Importance of Ethical Practices

This incident underscores the importance of ethical practices in examinations. Aspirants are reminded to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the examination board and to avoid any form of malpractice. Genuine efforts and hard work are the only acceptable paths to success.

Staying Informed

Aspirants should stay informed about official guidelines and updates from the NEET examination board. Awareness and vigilance can help prevent falling prey to unethical practices and ensure a fair examination experience.


The incident at the Gujarat NEET center, involving a demand of Rs 10 lakh and questionable instructions from a teacher, highlights significant concerns about examination integrity. While the authorities are taking necessary actions to address the issue, it serves as a reminder for all stakeholders to uphold ethical standards and ensure fairness in competitive examinations. By maintaining vigilance and adhering to guidelines, aspirants can protect the sanctity of their academic pursuits and achieve their goals through honest efforts.

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  2. There is corruption everywhere. I lost my home to the Government of Karnataka as they booked my advocate in karnataka high court. I have complained but no action why. Please to in channel bangalore dacoits and you can see for yourself.

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    There should be supervisors to be provided by the NTA it self with training of supervision,
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